Thursday, February 13, 2014

to the barricades!

My wife and I have been discouraged lately by the poor video quality of Netflix streaming. We are not alone.

I called and complained to Netflix and an otherwise polite person refused to acknowledge that bad blood between Neflix and Verizon probably accounted for the poor quality. The agent kept trying to blame :uneven signal" inside our house, despite my protests that Amazon Prime was HD when Netflix struggled for a two-dot signal.

Now there's more information about the huge bandwidth Netflix uses and the few ISPs that have agreed to downloading work-arounds. As the National Journal notes:
And as of last month, the average U.S. Netflix speed bested only that of Mexico—and just barely—and of Argentina, where Netflix just arrived last month.

Much of the U.S.'s dropoff can be attributed to two of its biggest Internet service providers. Comcast and Verizon customers have seen their Netflix speed drop by around 10 to 25 percent in the past year.
I hope anyone with similar problems will join me in protesting to Netflix.

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