Thursday, February 20, 2014

Syria reset?

The Washington Post's well-sourced David Ignatius has important news in his column, now published as an "opinion" piece. He says that intelligence chiefs from several friendly countries met in Washington last week to coordinate policy on Syria. The Saudis have replaced their former spy chief with another official, who seems more amenable to working with the United States. The Syrian opposition has also replaced its top general with another commander who seems to have better standing with the moderate militias. The Obama administration still wants to avoid direct U.S. military involvement but it willing to continue training military units in Jordan and supplying somewhat more effective arms.

I'm still dubious that the opposition can coalesce or that westerners can keep military aid from falling into the hands of extremists. But at least the anti-Assad forces are looking for alternatives to what has been an admittedly failed policy so far.

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