Saturday, February 8, 2014

Obama's disengagement?

Once again, Fred Kaplan has an excellent piece rebutting the notion that President Obama is somehow disengaging from the world and that a more activist policy would solve the problems facing Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Iran, and so forth.

No, Kaplan argues:
What many of these critics don’t like about Obama—what they mistakenly, or misleadingly, call “disinterest”—is his disinclination to go to war. And who can blame him? Two years after the last American soldier left Iraq, the place is ablaze in sectarian conflict, hundreds of civilians dying every week. Afghanistan awaits an uncertain fate as the troops head toward the exits there.
I think that's right, both as an assessment of how much difference unilateral American action can make on those intractable problems and as a reading of an overarching goal of Obama's foreign policy.

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