Thursday, May 17, 2012

how many wars are we fighting now?

Let's see. US forces are still fighting in Afghanistan and we're getting ready for possible action against Iran and we're part of anti-piracy patrols and related operations against Somalia. Now there are reports that we are helping to funnel arms to the Syrian opposition along with the "nonlethal aid" we've announced.

And today, there's a report that DEA agents are involved in armed operations in Honduras against drug traffickers.

Even more significant is the L.A. Times report that U.S. military and CIA personnel are escalating the clandestine war in Yemen.

I'm not necessarily opposed to these operations. But I wish we knew more about them, and I hope that members of Congress are being regularly informed and consulted about them. If we're going to get so involved in so many places, we should do it with our eyes open.

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