Sunday, May 13, 2012

broadsheet bonus on the Internet

I remain a dedicated reader -- and subscriber -- of broadsheet newspapers and general interest magazines. I started in high school, with parental support, and continued throughout my often hectic academic and professional career. In the Senate, I had to read the papers to do my job. As a professor, I looked for lessons in the daily news.  Of course, sometimes The New Yorkers piled up, unread, until I had time at least to look at the cartoons. But I maintained the subscription.

Now I have more time to read for pleasure -- but also more venues, especially on line. One of the special benefits of broadsheet newspapers is that they often have stories you are glad to know but wouldn't have searched for, human interest or cultural or megatrend stories outside my usual foreign policy/politics focus.

If you are at all like me in this regard, I want to direct your attention to a British site, The Browser, which culls diverse if not quirky stories and longform articles from American and British publications and websites. Go there and be amused and informed about things you might otherwise have missed.

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