Sunday, September 20, 2015

Maybe Huey Long was not assassinated

I'm very skeptical of conspiracy theories. There was a group involved in Lincoln's death, but not John F. Kennedy's.  James Garfield and William McKinley got what we now recognize as inadequate medical care, but there was no conspiracy of doctors. Warren Harding was not poisoned by an angry wife. FDR did not know about the Pearl Harbor attack in advance. And so forth...

But until reading historian Jonathan Alter's piece  today, I had believed that the flamboyant Louisiana Kingfish, Huey Long, was shot and killed by a young doctor whose family had clashed with the Long political machine. Alter bring together an array of evidence suggesting that the alleged assassin was unarmed but punched Long, and his bodyguards unleashed a torrent of bullets that hit or ricocheted into Long, who died 30 hours later after faulty medical care. The real gunmen then covered up their guilt.

Read it. At least the jury's verdict should now be that Scottish one of "Not Proven."

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