Sunday, September 13, 2015

a military coup?

There are some questions about the opinions of the America people I don't really want the answer to. I get discouraged when a poll reveals the ignorance of voters about basic Constitutional and policy questions. I cringe when polls discover strongly held hatred of others because of their race or religion. And now I'm worried because a poll shows significant support for the idea of a military coup. While the overall figures are 29% imagining they could support a coup and 41% not, a plurality of Republicans [43% to 32%] are willing to consider supporting a coup.

It's one thing for Americans to have strong admiration for the military, especially compared to politicians. But to think that our system would be better off if the military could intervene - a la Egypt, say -- is deeply troubling.  Fortunately, at least for now, I am confident that U.S. military officers believe in civilian control and the Constitution that mandates it.

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