Thursday, July 10, 2014

poor info sharing on Benghazi

Newly released military testimony on Benghazi raises different issues and different causes of security failures than we had heard earlier. Now it seems that there were two attacks on two different sites, widely separated in time and space. It also seems that Benghazi was primarily a CIA base: only 7 of the 30+ Americans assigned there were from State. Only the attack on the CIA facility appears to have been done by forces with military training and discipline.

There was a gross lack of communication between the U.S. government components:

Many of the military officials said they didn't even know about the diplomatic mission in Benghazi, let alone the CIA's clandestine installation nearby. Few knew of Stevens visiting the city that day.
 There are many issues to be sorted out about Benghazi, but the effort to blame only the State Department, and especially Secretary Clinton, seems wide of the mark.

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