Tuesday, April 16, 2013

diplomacy is not a one-man band

I've been worried about Secretary of State Kerry's busy travel schedule. I'm not alone. David Rothkopf reports that people at State want their leader to "phone home." I also agree with his point:

   " Although his involvement will be critical going forward, he must view
his role as that of a conductor or a commanding general -- overseeing,
orchestrating, providing vision, reaching in to provide leadership where
needed, but empowering others to save him from getting trapped in the alluring
(if exhausting) illusion that shuttle diplomacy is actually getting something
done. It has its place. It sometimes helps. But it should be used sparingly, only when
necessary, or it is devalued. There will be no legacy of Kerry the statesman that does not effectively incorporate that of Kerry the effective leader of a global bureaucracy."
There is an experienced and very competent team at State. They should be empowered and used.

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