Wednesday, April 3, 2013

caution on Syria

I consider David Ignatius of the Washington Post one of the most knowledgeable journalists on the Arab world. Consequently, I am even more wary about intervening in support of the Syrian rebels when he says, as he does today, that Syria has a "bottom-up rebellion, with towns and regions forming battalions that have merged into larger coalitions. These coalitions have tens of thousands of fighters. But they lack anything approaching the discipline of a normal army."

He paints a pessimistic picture of the future:
The disorganized, Muslim-dominated opposition prompts several conclusions: First, the United States will have limited influence, even if it steps up covert involvement over the next few months. Second, the post-Assad situation may be as chaotic and dangerous as the civil war itself.
Those are powerful warnings. I hope American officials heed them.

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