Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New revelations on Iraq surge

Michael Gordon of the NYTimes has an article on FP quoting from a transcript of a high level meeting in NSA Steve Hadley's office on a "Saturday in November" 2006, presumably the 11th, the day after a Bush decision to conduct a review of US Iraq policy and 3 days after Hadley's memo on the deteriorating situation there.

What Gordon thinks is important is that Secretary Rice opposed a surge and made the case for a more limited strategy. He fails to mention how widespread such feelings were, including among the U.S. military.

What I think is important is different:
-- The only attendees mentioned were Sec. Rice, her advisor Phil Zelikow, Cheney's advisor John Hannah, and NSC staff. No military. No DOD civilians.
-- A transcript was made. From a taping system? Detailed notes by someone? Why? How often was this done?
-- Peter Feaver, then on the NSC staff, specifically cites Karl Rove as saying public opinion would support a stronger military approach. This comes close to violating the taboo on mentioning domestic political considerations in WH foreign policy discussions.

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