Friday, July 13, 2012

worst Congress ever

I give up. I'm going to stop defending Congress. Until now, I felt and said that things could be worse -- and, of course, they still can be. Until now, I've been willing to believe that this is what rowdy children do, so you shouldn't expect  better conduct until they grow up. Until now, I've seen some, scant evidence that there are some members  willing to put the country ahead of their party, and their institution ahead of political games.

But Ezra Klein has put together a totally damning indictment of the 112th Congress. All in one post. All true. Read it and weep.

Years ago, I forget just when, but at some moment of low public esteem of Congress, the Senate chaplain was asked how he could praise for "those" people. He responded, "As I stand in front of the Senate and look at the various members, I don't pray for them; I pray for the country."  Good advice.

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