Tuesday, July 31, 2012

punctuated politics

In the good old days, The Wall Street Journal [note the capitalized article!] used to run a center column story that was offbeat, fun, clever, not newsworthy in a political or economic sense, but well worth reading. Many of the stories were picked up by network television news. The Journal still runs such stories occasionally at the bottom of the front page.

Today's piece reports the fight in the Obama campaign over its slogan: "Forward." Should the slogan have a period, or does that suggest no place to go? Should it have an ellipsis [...]? Or a Soviet-style exclamation point?  This is what the folks in Chicago are reportedly fighting about.

At least the story has some historical background on how other campaigns punctuated their signature campaign slogans. Interesting reading.

This is not a Romney problem because his slogan, "Believe in America," has no punctuation. I guess it's not an order.

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