Sunday, February 26, 2017

politicization of the U.S.military

I have long warned against military personnel becoming politically identified with either political party. [See chapter 12 of my Warriors and Politicians.] Imagine how destructive it would be if the American people thought that the armed forces were a tool of a political party rather than a servant to the nation and defender of the Constitution. Imagine presidents searching for Republican or Democratic generals rather than the best warriors or strategists. Not good!

A new survey of West Point cadets and graduates warns that these military professionals are freely expressing their political views through social media, phenomena that have grown up since the last codification of rules for political activities. The existing rules limit the public display of political preferences, largely confining them to the secrecy of the ballot box and small bumper stickers.

The survey was limited -- to army officers -- but still can be taken as a warning. Officers should strive for nonpartisanship if they want to avoid becoming pawns in nasty political power struggles.

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  1. Charlie, the stuff I see on social media from active duty officers (even field grades) is more than just politically charged; it's racist, misogynistic and more. Basically I find they are violating our vow to operate free of discrimination from race religion creed and so on. Not sure 1) how they feel so comfortable expressing what I think should be private opinions and 2) who in their command is allowing this to continue. - Neil Prakash