Friday, February 5, 2016

who dunnit?

I confess. I like mystery novels -- and that means detective fiction and police procedurals and thrillers. For me, one of the biggest perks from working in the Senate was the ability to take home copies of the newest mysteries from the Library of Congress, where 2 copies of every book have to be deposited for copyright purposes. Now I have to wait in line at my local library.

I have some favorite authors, from John Buchan and Nicholas Blake to Ruth Rendell and Michael Connelly, and regional authors who write about places I enjoy visiting like Archer Mayor in Vermont and C.J. Box in Wyoming. [I find it hard, however, to get excited about stories set in Florida or Italy.]

Anyway, I was prompted to think about these books by an article listing the "rules" of detective fiction by various authors in the 1940s -- Raymond Chandler and S.S. Van Dine. Take a look.

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