Saturday, August 4, 2012

pivot to Asia

When the administration announced its new strategy including a so-called "pivot to Asia," Congress asked for a second opinion. A study was done by the Center for strategic and International Studies, and the unclassified portions made public last week in a hearing before the House Armed Services Committee. The CSIS report was generally supportive of the administration's approach, but recommended some tweaks. It urged more detailed planning of construction and deployment plans, development of access, prepositioning and overflight arrangements, and enhanced mil-to-mil engagement to allow for crisis-avoidance and de-escalation. CSIS also suggested sending additional capabilities to the Pacific and the replacement of current U.S. ground combat forces in South Korea with rotational troops.

The report stressed that "U.S. strategy is not to prepare for a fight with China." Rather, it requires a balancing of bilateral cooperation with regional security cooperation. The authors of the report gave a press briefing where they answered questions on their analysis and recommendations. Well worth reading.

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