Saturday, April 21, 2012

all hands on deck

Lobbyists are people, too. But work comes first. And now we are told that lobbyists are being urged to schedule all vacation trips before the November elections and to do their Christmas shopping early. The Hill newspaper reports that lobbying firms are expecting a deluge of work in the expected lame duck session of Congress that will face questions of expiring tax cuts, the impending across the board budget cuts, an increase in the debt limit, and other unresolved matters. Congress can't act until the elections have determined who will be President and which party will control each house of Congress. Even assuming particular outcomes can help predict how things will turn out in the waning days of the 112th Congress.

Already lobbyists are being hired for the anticipated battles. As one noted, “Think of watching the U.S. track and field team at the Olympics. It may be a one-minute event, but it has taken years of preparation. Ninety percent of lobbying is preparation. Drafting, researching, negotiations — all prep work.”

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