Monday, November 29, 2010

Leaks and peeks

I'm as much a foreign policy voyeur as the next person, but the latest Wikileaks dumps are out of bounds. As a citizen, I welcome unauthorized disclosures of government lies to its own people or of morally questionable activities. But these State Department cables don't reveal Big Secrets, only the routine exchanges between headquarters and the field -- exchanges that are properly classified as one of those diplomatic niceties.

I agree with Peter Beinart's assessment that the document reveal little of importance but can cause serious problems for American diplomacy.

And I'm underwhelmed by the comments from various Arab leaders that they'd happily watch America launch a war against Iran while they stood by and cheered. If they fear the consequences for their own regimes of an Iranian nuclear capacity, they should be twisting the arms of every other nation not to go to war, but to enforce even tighter sanctions.

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